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Astrology for Fangirls (and Fanboys!)

Harry Potter: Sorting Hat Astrology?

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I fangirl astrology
Astrology for Fangirls (and Fanboys!)

Harry Potter: Sorting Hat Astrology?

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{self-indulgence} defaulty redhead
I thought I'd post this to get the ball rolling. :)

A while back I stumbled upon this site, which describes personalities of Hogwarts houses under the influence of astrological signs. Such as a Sagittarian Gryffindor.

I was just wondering what your thoughts were about this. Accurate or not? Do you think that this could be used to gain insight into some HP characters and/or ships? Under the cut I've listed the birthdays and signs of some notable Gryffindors, and one notable Slytherin. Maybe we should try to compare their signs to that chart?

Harry - July 31 - Leo
Ron - March 3 - Pisces
Hermione - September 19 - Virgo
Neville - July 30 - Leo
Fred & George - April 1 - Aries
Ginny - August 11 - Leo
Percy - August 22 - Leo/Virgo*
Snape - January 9 - Capricorn
McGonagall - October 4 - Libra
Molly Weasley - October 30 - Scorpio
Bill Weasley - November 29 - Sagittarius
Hagrid - December 6 - Sagittarius
Charlie Weasley - December 12 - Sagittarius

*Percy's birthday is located on the border between the two signs. I looked, but I couldn't find a definite answer; dates for Leo and Virgo varied. As I understand it, this means he is on the cusp(?). Maybe someone with more experience can explain/clarify that. :)

It looks like Jo Rowling considered astrology when she created her characters' birthdays!

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